Sosha Facilities is a close corporation borne out of the need to exploit the current economic conditions and the opportunities that have presented itself for a niche market Facilities Management Company in our diverse country. Our goal is to create a company that will effectively balance the needs of delivering gender empowerment, community upliftment and shareholder value.
We, at Sosha Facilities do not believe that transformation is just our Government’s responsibility hence, as individuals we have empowered ourselves by creating this company to focus on transformation & capacity building on a proactive, but managed basis, with the objective of ensuring long-term growth and sustainability of the company, its employees, communities and the country as a whole.
The objective of Sosha Facilities is:
« To provide a mechanism, especially for previously disadvantaged individuals and businesses, to collectively participate in opportunities arising from Empowerment, within the organization, as well as with its various stakeholders and partners.
« To create and distribute wealth to our shareholders, through prudent and strategic investments, in well managed industrial, financial and commercial businesses; which may be listed or unlisted, and which offer above average prospects for long term growth and dividends.
We have built strong business relationships, underpinned by mutual trust and respect with our valued clients. Our client list includes the following blue chip and international companies
« TetraPak
« Alfa Laval
« Barloworld
« Growth Point Properties
« Denel Aviation
« Denel SAAB Aerostructures
« Denel Industrial Properties
The initial area of operations in our first phase of business operations will be Gauteng. The rest of South and Southern Africa will be targeted as we grow organically. We will focus our efforts on operating in areas where our strengths and experience, underpinned by our partnership network, can be exploited to assist us to grow our business. We have, through a number of years, fostered excellent relationships with key individuals and strategic partners that would assist us to achieve our desired success.

  Our mission is to carve avenues of wealth creation that will effectively balance the needs of delivering shareholder value and community upliftment.
  Our company is a springboard, built on strategic human capital and cutting edge technologies, designed to propel our investment to success.
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