SOSHA Facilities Management is a venture established during 2007
to provide integrated, turnkey Facilities Management as well as to
introduce innovative technical solutions to the Southern Africa
and African markets.

Our collective experience, underpinned by our strategic alliances keeps Sosha Facilities Management at the cutting edge of the latest Facilities Management solutions. The company is wholly owned by Rupesh Nath, and is a 100% Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Company

Our experience gained, through a leading international construction and Facilities Management company, providing diverse services in over 80 countries worldwide in the design and delivery of technical solutions for Public and Private sector clients covering energy, utilities, reliability and safety, complete communication solutions and high performance working environments, enables us to provide fully integrated solutions using international benchmarks in Utility Networks, Electrical, Mechanical & HVAC engineering, Communication systems and Facilities Management, spread over diverse industries including amongst others, Education, Hospitals, Commercial buildings, Major Infrastructure, Power Stations, Municipalities, Local Authorities, Government buildings, Street Lighting Networks & Telecoms

Our experience locally includes, inter-alia, the management of one of South Africa’s premier Universities (826.000m², ±400 buildings), office accommodations and the maintenance & refurbishment of Housing accommodation.

Our service offering is underpinned by selecting the highest quality management and operational staff whom we continuously develop, monitor and reward by giving them, world class and appropriate tools, as well as technical and management support to boost their performance to the full satisfaction and delight of our clients. We also encourage the establishment and subsequent support of SMME’s and acknowledge the challenges that these emerging entities face in the quest to remain sustainable on a long term basis.
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